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Profit Maximising Calculator
Please fill in the inputs below, to calculate the Profit Maximising quantity enter the Total Cost function and either the Demand function or the Total Revenue Function for us to calculate the quantity. Please enter the functions in this format:
*Please leave a space between operators (e.g. "5q + 6")
*Always use an addition symbol even if the constant is negative, if this is the case place a minus sign before the constant (e.g. "5q + -6")
*When inserting a power please use a hat symbol, with no spaces (e.g. "5q^2 + 6q^3")
*Place a 1 before any single values of q (e.g. 1q^2 + 1q + 1q^3)
*Please ensure that the variable being used is a q
Demand Function:
Total Revenue Function:
Total Cost Function: